custom shape drawables in android

Tut#3 Android Drawables: Design Custom Button

Download the Source Code Here What do we discuss in this article? Your application needs to create custom backgrounds with gradients and rounded corners and you don’t want to waste time and resources scaling images for different scenarios A]Using Shape Drawables Create shape drawables.  Using XML resource for backgrounds and gradients makes sense because they are…

android activity full lifecycle

Tut#1 Android Activity Lifecycle

When you start your app, onCreate(), onStart(), onResume() gets called where onCreate() can be used like a constructor. When you move to some other app and your screen is partially blocked, onPause() is called, if your screen is fully obscured, onStop() is called. When you come back to your app from another app, onRestart(), onStart(), onResume() is called. When you press back button inside your app, onDestroy() gets called and your Activity is destroyed. Use the Activity lifecycle wisely and you’ll making amazing apps.


1.Hello World!

The python code can be written in a stand alone “Python Shell”. This simplifies the life of a programmer. The shell allows you to enter Python command just as we do in a command-line interface. This is a great resource for immediate Python gratification. Here we are going to learn how to write our basic…


Introduction to Python:

So you wana learn programming. You have hit the right place. Welcome to the world of simplified programming!!! Introduction:  Python is an excellent language with which you can start programming. There are indeed many reason’s for this; but the simplest of all “It’s Easy to Read and Fast to Write”. Python has human-friendly syntax which…


1 Hello world Java

  Let’s get to see how Java works