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1 Android Activity Lifecycle

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When you start your app, onCreate(), onStart(), onResume() gets called where onCreate() can be used like a constructor. When you move to some other app and your screen is partially blocked, onPause() is called, if your screen is fully obscured, onStop() is called. When you come back to your app from another app, onRestart(), onStart(), onResume() is called. When you press back button inside your app, onDestroy() gets called and your Activity is destroyed. Use the Activity lifecycle wisely and you'll making amazing apps.
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2. Variables in Python

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A variable is a unit of data with an identifier which is held in the computer’s memory. It can be changed by putting a new value into it or modifying the value that is already there.

Here you will be introduced to some different types of variables that are available for us in our programs. We will have a brief look at how to build them into expressions and statements of Python that will allow you to turn your designs into working code.

Good Identifiers:

Identifiers are names used to identify things in our code. Any word which is not commented out […]

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1.Hello World!

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The python code can be written in a stand alone “Python Shell”. This simplifies the life of a programmer. The shell allows you to enter Python command just as we do in a command-line interface. This is a great resource for immediate Python gratification.

Here we are going to learn how to write our basic code; “Hello World!”. For this you need only Python Shell. If you have installed python correctly; the following Shell should open up.


In python braces/ brackets are not used. they are replaced by indentation. Thus making it a space […]

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Introduction to Python:

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So you wana learn programming. You have hit the right place. Welcome to the world of simplified programming!!!


Python is an excellent language with which you can start programming. There are indeed many reason’s for this; but the simplest of all “It’s Easy to Read and Fast to Write”. Python has human-friendly syntax which makes writing codes a cake walk as compared to other languages.

The basic language is fairly easy to remember and it has an extensive library of predefined functions that one can use to facilitate most common computer task.

Installing Python:

1. Open up this URL in your browser


Scroll […]

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2 Android Input Method Framework (IMF): How to handle the soft keyboard in Android?

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What do we discuss in this article?

  1. How to use android:inputType and its values to customize the soft keyboard?
  2. How to handle events generated by the soft keyboard buttons?

An input method editor (IME) also known as the soft keyboard is shown to the user when they tap an EditText that supports tapping

android imf

The android:inputType attribute takes a class plus modifiers, in a pipe-delimited list (where | is the pipe character) and describes what the user is allowed to input, and this determines the basic set of keys available on the soft keyboard. Here are some […]

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1 What is JavaScript?

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What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is recognized as a full programming language which can interact with nearly all aspects of the browser window and its contents., capable of complex calculations and interactions, including closures, anonymous (lambda) functions, and even metaprogramming.

parts of javascript dom bom ecma

Parts of JavaScript

ECMA Script

The core language is what is known as ECMA Script or European Computer Manufacturers Association Script. Pretty Nasty name eh? Well, don’t fret, this is why we call it ECMA Script. At a very basic level, ECMA Script describes the following […]

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1 Hello world Java

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Let’s get to see how Java works