Introduction to Python:

So you wana learn programming. You have hit the right place. Welcome to the world of simplified programming!!!


Python is an excellent language with which you can start programming. There are indeed many reason’s for this; but the simplest of all “It’s Easy to Read and Fast to Write”. Python has human-friendly syntax which makes writing codes a cake walk as compared to other languages.

The basic language is fairly easy to remember and it has an extensive library of predefined functions that one can use to facilitate most common computer task.

Installing Python:

1. Open up this URL in your browser

Scroll down to the Downloads section and click on Python 3.4.1 in the Latest section of download.

2. Once you click on the Python 3.4.1 section you will enter into this URL

here scroll down to the download section; its in the bottom half of the page and click on the “download page” hyperlink.

3. On clicking here, the following URL will load

For Windows Users:

Depending on the system you are using. you can select

For Mac Users:

Depending on the system you are using. you can select

4. Download the respective file as per your system and install them.


Congratulations!! You have installed python on your system.

Next: we will create our first Python ” Hello World”.