Fundraising to get an iMac for Swift and IOS videos on slidenerd

Hey subscribers and watchers,

What’s up? This is me, Vivz from slidenerd here. At slidenerd, I try my best to make good videos on Android and at the same time, the one request I heard from atleast 1000 people was, to make a video series on IOS. In 2014, Apple launched Swift and its time I made IOS videos for you guys out there. Though I have shown you how to run IOS on Windows using VMWARE , it doesn’t work smooth enough and hence needs a real iMac. The ad revenue from slidenerd goes fully into paying electricity, Internet and room bills where the videos are recorded. I don’t use my apartment because its pretty noisy to make videos there and there is no space. I would really appreciate if you guys can fund this iMac which will be used fully to teach you how to work with Swift and IOS and help you make awesome apps to lead on the bright path of success.
To help me raise funds, please support my Indiegogo Campaign RIGHT HERE