Looking For Interested Content Partners

Hey guys,


What’s up? Its me, Vivz here writing this. So long since I actually sat and write an article, but guess what’s my status?

 Yes, you guessed it right! That’s my status. I am currently working on making a single series with Gary Simons from that covers design + development of a simple app in both IOS and Android that looks and functions the same. I owe the whole slidenerd thing to you guys. So what do I juggle? A final year project whose only thing remaining is the black book :@, videos in IOS + videos in Android + reading the latest stuff in Android + IOS to keep you guys updated along with myself, social media [Facebook, Twitter, Google+] + Making my own apps (common, I also wanna release apps under slidenerd 🙁 to make your lives and everyone’s lives easier if I can by any means). As you see, this is pure overclocking 🙂 in the world of work, I have a 70-90 hour work week, I can write articles on a whole lot of stuff in Android + IOS or for that matter any technology but I get absolutely no time to do so, which is why I have come to you guys for help.




What would be awesome?

  1. You love programming, you love learning and posting about the latest stuff whether its Android, or IOS or Phonegap or Windows Mobile or Tizen or whatever for that matter.
  2. Even languages like C, C++, Java, C#, Ruby, Perl, PHP, Swift, Python, JS would do.
  3. You choose your own schedule, no deadlines, no compulsion nothing.
  4. Choose your own topic as well.

The Takeaways

  1. You get credit for the stuff you write and you can show them anywhere, your boss, your company, your employer, since you would be writing for slidenerd.
  2. You get a link back to your app or website or blog or your profile or anything of that sort.
  3. Will also help your promote your apps and stuff if any.
  4. So, what do you think? If you wanna have a chat, add Vivz on Skype at ‘slidenerd’ and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Looking forward to hear from you guys 🙂