#5 JavaScript String

What do we discuss in this article? The String Type Character Literals String Conversions The String() Function A] The String Type A sequence of characters [16 bit Unicode characters to be precise] is called a String in JavaScript. Strings can be enclosed within double quotes or single quotes in JavaScript.

 Both the strings declared above are perfectly valid despite the fact …

Tut#4 JavaScript Numbers, Range, NaN, Floating Point Values, and Conversions

What is the maximum and minimum number you can work with in JavaScript? What is NaN and Infinity in JavaScript? How to convert Strings to a numeric format using the Number(), parseInt() , parseFloat() functions. What are the rules for conversion of a datatype to a numeric value using the Number function? What are the rules for converting a String to a number using the parseInt() or parseFloat() function. How can you check if a given value is a number or not in JavaScript?

javascript undefined typeof null boolean

Tut#3 JavaScript Data Types Part 1: Undefined, Null, Boolean and TypeOf

When does a variable get the value of undefined? How and when to use the special value ‘null’ in JavaScript? Why null==undefined in JavaScript? How to use a variable with only 2 values: true and false termed as a boolean in JavaScript? How to use the typeof operator to determine the data type of a given variable? What are the different rules of conversion of a variable to a boolean in JS? What values does the typeof operator return for each data type in JS?

js syntax keywords, statements, comments, identifiers

Tut#1 JavaScript Syntax: Identifiers, Comments, Statements and Keywords

How does case sensitivity affect your JavaScript code? Why True is not equal to true in JavaScript? How can you use single-line or multi-line comments in JavaScript to make notes of your code for your reference in the future? What are identifiers in JavaScript? What are the naming rules for identifiers in JS? What are statements in JS? What are keywords in JavaScript?

1 What is JavaScript?

What is JavaScript? avaScript is recognized as a full programming language which can interact with nearly all aspects of the browser window and its contents., capable of complex calculations and interactions, including closures, anonymous (lambda) functions, and even metaprogramming. Parts of JavaScript ECMA Script The core language is what is known as ECMA Script or European Computer Manufacturers Association Script. Pretty Nasty name eh? …