android activity full lifecycle

Tut#1 Android Activity Lifecycle

When you start your app, onCreate(), onStart(), onResume() gets called where onCreate() can be used like a constructor. When you move to some other app and your screen is partially blocked, onPause() is called, if your screen is fully obscured, onStop() is called. When you come back to your app from another app, onRestart(), onStart(), onResume() is called. When you press back button inside your app, onDestroy() gets called and your Activity is destroyed. Use the Activity lifecycle wisely and you’ll making amazing apps.

android imf number

Tut#2 Android Input Method Framework : Handle Soft Keyboard in Android

How to customize the soft-keyboard in Android? How to allow the user to enter different types of values? How to use android:imeOptions and inputType? What are the different inputTypes supported by Android? How to perform input validation of data entered by the user? How to get events from Buttons inside the keyboard? How to programmatically close the keyboard?